Wiki Categories

Each Page can be 'categorized' meaning editors can define to which categories (can be more than one) the Page belong.

  • A Page can belongs to many categories.
  • A Category is itself a Page, just its name starts with 'Category:'
  • So a Category can belongs to others Categories (that means a Category can have many 'sub categories')
  • There are many ways to assign a Category to a Page:
    • When editing the page:
      • Using the Toolbar. Press the 'Wiki Category' option in the editor toolbar. This'll open a form where you can choose from all existing categories.
      • Using mouse right button. One of the options is 'Wiki Category' that will open the same above form.
      • 'By hand'. Just write {{{ category:xxxx }}} anywhere in the page. It's recomended to do it at the end of the page.
    • When viewing the page:
      • Using the Category textbox in the right of the screen. Just type a Category's name (suggestion is provided) and press Add button.

There are many ways to browse the Category's Pages, see Category's Tabs