GeneXus is a knowledge-based software development tool, mainly oriented to enterprise-class applications for the web and Windows platforms. The developer specifies his applications in a high-level (mostly declarative) fashion, from which native code is generated for multiple environments.

GeneXus includes a Normalization module, which creates and mantains an optimal database structure based on the non-normalized data model defined by the users, a declarative (rules-based) language and a simple yet powerful procedural language.

The languages for which code can be generated include Cobol, C#, Java and Ruby, currently with emphasis on the latter two. Most popular DBMSs are supported, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, PostgreSQL and MySQL.

GeneXus is the flagship product developed by Artech of Uruguay. It is commercialized in more than 30 countries (including most of Latin America, some Western European countries such as Spain, Italy, France and Portugal, and is currently entering the Chinese and Japanese markets). About 5,000 customers have purchased more than 40,000 licences.

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