Templates as  wikipedia's templates are implemented in GXwiki.

Basically a template is a page that displays the content of the page that uses it in a formatted way.

A template starts with 'template:' on its name.


A very common use of templates is to display addresses. In this case, the address is used.

Street 18 de Julio 16 P4
City Montevideo
Country Uruguay



Invoking a template in a page:

{{{template:template name | parameter1 | ... }}}

In the template itself, parameters are defined as %1, %2, ... and each parameter is separated with a pipeline. If the template has complex value is preferable to use double-pipeline (||) to separate parameters, for example:

{{{Template:template name | parameter1 with an [[some wiki link|internal link]] || second parameter}}}

In some cases the standard separator between parameters (single | or double || pipeline) from the caller is not enough; you can use a separator as triple ||| pipeline (useful when a template is within another one).

# Advanced
{{{template:template name | parameter1 using a [link|description] || ... }}}
{{{template:template name | parameter1 using a [link|description] || another complex text with several links and another templates ...|||}}}

See Builtin Templates

Builtin Templates

See Builtin Templates