If you are using a previous Wiki version please pay attention to the following changes in version 6.0.

This article details database differences between Version 5.0 and 6.0.

New Tables

  • PageImport: Used to import pages from HTML; check Webpanel ImportPages for more information.
  • PageToEdit: Used to store auto-saved pages during edition.
  • TPageFeedback: Used to store page feedback; check Webcomponent PageAddFeedback for more information.
  • WikiParametersWikiDyn: Used to store dynamic parameters; check PInitWiki procedure for initial parameters.

Modified Tables

  • PageVersion
    • PageVersionUserIP
  • User
    • UserWebUserId, UserBindDate, UserIsBinded UserLocalName 
  • WikiParameters
    • WikiIndexSource, WikiIndexUser, WikiIndexPwd, WikiEnableSocialOptions

Check here for sample scripts to ease the conversion process.