Import Pages to GXwiki

If you need to Import HTML pages to the wiki follow these steps and use the 'ImportPages' WebPanel with an administrator user.

  • Locate the folder where the HTML files are located, let's assume c:\gxversion\documentation folder\ and set the path in the "HTML Folder Location" Field
  • In case the folder includes a lot of files, use the "Title Search" to select the desired pattern.
  • Use the Search button to scan the folder location for .html files; a grid will be loaded similar to the following one.


  • Select the desired files to be imported; notice by default all files will be selected to be imported
    • Clean: clean the grid to start the process again.
    • Select All: select all files to be imported from all the grid pages.
    • Unselect All: unselect all files (from all grid pages).
    • Toggle: invert the current selection for the current grid page.
  • Use the Import button to import the selected pages.
  • Depending on the ammout of files selected and file size it could take a while; once the process is finished the Import detail is shown


  • Execute the Search button again and locate the imported files, notice the columns "Imported Id" and "Imported Name" from the grid, it details the Identifiers for the imported pages.


Copy the files you want to import to the server location.

The import process uses the HTML title tag to assign the page name, if you have more than one HTML file with the same Title, all files will be imported into the same Page within GXwiki; change document titles accordingly.

Before importing a file validate the grid columns "Imported Id" and "Imported Name"; it details the Page identified used for that file.


You may get the error 500 when importing a lot of files; you need to extend the execution timeout. For C# please modify the httpRuntime tag from the web.config; the attribute executionTimeout to a larger value; for example

<httpRuntime requestValidationMode="2.0" targetFramework="4.5" executionTimeout=”36000″ />

SAC #14566 for C#

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