Set as Branch of

It is possible to version different pages to mimic product versioning.

Let's take an example from this Wiki, since 6.0 version a new TOC page is included. It is desired to include two documents of the same page for version 5.0 or lower and 6.0 or higher. This scenario can be solved with the new "Set as Branch of" option in the wiki toolbar (edit mode).


You need two pages documenting the different versions; for the case:

Notice "Builtin page types" is the current version and GXwiki5 version will include the following tag in the code

{{{BranchOf:Builtin page types|InvalidSince:Version 5.0}}}


So at runtime you will get the following new entry to select the desired version



Each page can only have a single BranchOf tag.

The page pointed to by BranchOf can NOT have a BranchOf (all children point to the parent, there are no grandparents)